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The Institute for Human Centered Design (Adaptenv) is an international non-profit organization committed to advancing the role of design in expanding opportunity and enhancing experience for people of all ages and abilities through excellence in design. Our educational, consulting and design work is very diverse. See our monthly newsletter to learn about current projects.

Based on information gathered from research and from specialist advisors, the Department aims to improve transport provision for disabled people - whether as pedestrians, public and special transport users, or motorists - while also improving accessibility in public places.

Our mission is to win the fight against cardiovascular disease and our vision is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease.

The Disabled Living Foundation is a national charity working for greater independence for disabled people by providing advice and information on equipment.

Habinteg is one of the leading housing associations in England providing accessible housing for all. It also promotes the principles of universal design and the provision of homes for all.

A manual of design and construction for modular wheelchair ramps, including information about ramps and long-tread low-riser steps to improve safe home accessibility.

The National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) is an independent UK wide accreditation service for individuals who provide access consultancy and access auditor services. It was set up with government backing to provide a single source for organisations seeking competent advice in relation to  inclusive environments and accessibility. 

The British Association of Occupational Therapists is the professional body for all occupational therapy staff in the United Kingdom. 

Advice on living with HIV

The Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme allows users to compare hundreds of products that meet the standards of the Industry for water efficiency. So when you want to purchase efficient products you can now look out for the distinctive blue label and buy with confidence knowing you have chosen a product that is helping to keep water usage to a minimum which in turn helps us to preserve this precious commodity for generations to come.

The Accessible Property Register was set up in 2003 by Conrad Hodgkinson, Christine Barton, and Lindsay Yarrow. Sadly, Christine, who had primary progressive multiple sclerosis, died in 2013. Christine was a wheelchair user and so is Lindsay, so we have personal experience of the barriers faced by disabled and older people in relation to housing.

Age UK's vision is for a world where everyone can love later life. We do this by inspiring, supporting and enabling in a number of ways; Information and advice, Health and care, Wellbeing, Campaigns and research, Age UK network

An independent non-profit site which aims to provide both an overview and a gateway to UK based cancer resources.

We are national network of  individuals who are passionate about access and inclusive design.

In 1991 a  group of dedicated local authority professionals came together to form the Access Officers Association. Over time the membership grew nationwide and opened its doors to anyone with an interest in access and inclusion and became The Access Association.

The most common occupations of our members are: access officer,  access consultant, architect and disability equality practitioner. Over 40% of our members have been with us for more than 10 years.

The Center for Universal Design is a US research, information and technical assistance centre that evaluates, develops, and promotes universal design in housing, public and commercial facilities, and related products.

The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) has been a leading authority on inclusive design for over 40 years. We provide consultancy, training, research and publications on building design and management to meet all user needs, including disabled and older people.

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering is the UK’s professional and technical body for all plumbing and heating professionals. All members listed have had to prove their competence through recognised qualifications or extensive experience, the prime objective of improving the science, practice and principles of plumbing and heating engineering in the public interest.