There is a wide range of baths available, specially designed for use in care homes, with features that make them safer and more comfortable for both patient and carer.

Some baths are shaped to provide maximum support and a reduced risk of the bather slipping. Some have a door on the side to provide entry for those who are reasonably mobile. 

Adjustable baths enable the carer to raise the bath to a suitable working height. In some models, the base of the bath lifts up, forming a platform at the right height for a transfer, then the walls of the bath can be raised around it to contain the water at a good working height.

Hydrotherapy options are also available to maximise the therapeutic benefits of bathing.

Some baths also feature automated cleaning and disinfection systems, to guard against cross-infection.

Walk-in Baths
A walk in bath can greatly improve a person’s independence by allowing safe entry and exit to the bath without the need for assistance. There is a wide range of styles and sizes to suit most requirements and budgets. Various factors should be considered when choosing a walk-in bath:

• Fill and drain time –The quicker the better as this mean less time seated in the bath waiting for it to fill and then drain after bathing.

• Step in height – Each bath will have a slightly different step in height. People suffering mobility problems will require a lower step-in height.

• Door opening – The door can either open inwards or outwards. Inward opening doors form a better seal when the bath is full since the pressure of the water pushes the door against a seal.