Specially designed WC suites for use by people with special needs are readily available.

The choice of style is better now than ever before with builders merchants, retail bathroom showrooms and big DIY stores stocking or listing them for special order.

Extra high pans which measure 460 mm from the floor to the top of the rim (480mm including the toilet seat) are about 85 mm higher than normal and are easier to use by people with some disabilities.

WCs are available in the most common free-standing close coupled configuration, in Back to Wall and in Wall Hung configurations. 

Wall Hung WC | These are fitted on robust floor standing brackets or wall frames. They are extremely sturdy and because they are off the floor they improve access and manoeuvrability and ease of cleaning. They look particularly good since the cistern is hidden.

Some wall hung WCs have the added advantage of being height adjustable. Some designs even provide a fully user-adjustable height.

Rimless |Some WCs are available with a “rimless” design which improves hygiene.

Spoon-shaped cistern levers | These wide-ended levers help the operation of the cistern flush since they can be used with a clenched fist or an elbow – a great advantage for people with reduced dexterity. Large push button single-flushes are also easier to use.

Toilet seats Some specialist seats are designed with additional thigh supports or increased height. Some have robust hinges and others are available with stabilisers to stop the seat moving when user slides across it from a wheelchair. Some seats are designed to be extremely comfortable while other have the “soft close” option. The choice is enormous.

Shower toilets | The ultimate solution to independence in the toilet for many disabled people is the shower toilet, which combines a toilet, bidet and warm air drying in one unit. 

There is a range of accessories and options that make these units even more responsive to different needs, for example: height-raising plinths; no-touch and remote controls; a strengthened seat for sideways transfers from a wheelchair; octopus support arms; back bar operation; padded seats for pressure relief.