The design and style of a washbasin for use by a disabled person must both suit the specific requirements of that person and must fit in the space available, which in domestic premises tends to be quite restrictive.

Counter top vanity, wall mounted or semi-pedestal washbasins are available which allow more room for the user’s legs when in a wheelchair. 

Wall-mounted washbasins are more flexible than pedestal-mounted basins as they can be installed at an appropriate height for the wheelchair user, or someone using a perching stool.

Some washbasins are available with adjustable height.

When choosing the design of the washbasin, consider the space available in the bathroom area and the use of the basin. For example, will it be used mainly to wash hands or is it to wash, shave and apply make-up? If it is the second option, then you may require a larger capacity sink and storage for toiletries etc

If an ambulant user finds it difficult to stand whilst washing or shaving then a perching stool may be more suitable for these tasks. Perching stools are usually adjustable in height and models are available with or without arm and backrests. Consideration should be given to storage space required for this type of stool in your bathroom.