Brassware is the name used to describe the taps and fittings in your bathroom. 

Brassware can be purchased which is specially designed for people with disabilities. Some designs come with large lever controls and these are ideal for turning the tap on and off, particularly if you have restricted mobility in your arms and hands. Large “spoon” levers are available for the flush on your toilet and if it is one of the new push button styles try to get the biggest button available to help you.

In the shower, special controls with a lever attachment make it easier to adjust both the flow and temperature of the shower.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves – TMVs
The last place you would expect deadly accidents to occur is in your bathroom. But it’s a shocking fact that more than twenty people die each year, in the bathroom, from scalding accidents due to uncontrolled hot water.

Scalding is deadly serious and the very young and the very old, with thinner skin, are the most vulnerable. But it needn’t be so, since a simple and inexpensive device called a Thermostatic Mixing Valve, a TMV, can prevent such devastating accidents.

The TMV can either be separate and hidden from your taps or it can be built into the tap itself. They are factory set to control the temperature of hot water leaving the tap to a safe maximum of usually 43°C. They are also available for showers.

Once installed, they are virtually maintenance free and you wouldn’t know that they are working away in the background controlling the temperature of the water and protecting your family.

All new homes built in the UK since April 2010 are required, by law, to have a TMV fitted to the bath taps. They are worth every penny.

Healthy adult skin requires only 30 seconds of exposure to water at 55 degrees Celsius before third-degree burning occurs. At 70 degrees Celsius serious burning occurs in less than a second. The skin of children and older people is even more sensitive to extreme temperatures. 

A maximum hot water temperature of 40 degrees is therefore recommended for showers, 43 degrees for a bath and 48 degrees for the kitchen sink.

What is a TMV?
TMVs maintain pre-set temperatures - even if water pressure varies when other appliances are used. TMVs can be fitted under baths and basins, be part of shower fittings, or as a feature of exposed hot and cold water mixers.